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Silence Speaks
People watching,... yeah I used to do that a lot. But these days, I don't get to do that anymore. Life gets too busy with other things. Work is not stressful, it's just I find myself too tired for anything else. Even if I take B12 vitamins, it's just not working for me. Even if I take melatonin to help me get a restful sleep. It's because I stay up too late and expect to be all fine and dandy after getting only 6 hours sleep. But that's what I used to do a couple of months ago. I must do something to get that energy back. I need more motivation I must have forgotten that thing that keeps me going. A goal, well even if I put that on my alarm clock it doesn't work anymore. Maybe I should try and do people watching after work while I'm walking the puppy. But then I realized my hubby is coming back from his trip tomorrow. I'm gonna need to clean up the kitchen and maybe do groceries so that we don't have to over the weekend. Don't you think that's a very good idea? Well then, let's make a... (more)

You're here for one of three reason. If you're within my inner circle, congratulations.. it means I'm not afraid to let you in. If for some reason I gave you this link, it was probably because I felt you could understand me. Lastly, if you've come across this on your own, welcome. Full disclosure: This blog isn't written for entertainment. I won't always have the best grammar. The way this is written is the way I think. I'm young, I'm a mother, I'm engaged, I work very hard and I think too often. This space contains my thoughts and realizations.

Tie For Men and Women with different Design and Colours
A necktie, or simply tie, is a long piece clothing worn for decorative purposes around the neck, resting under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat. Tying a tie is a useful life skill that looks like too amazing and increases men and women’s personality. If you are going to your office and wearing formal dress also using necktie that makes your personality confident look. A necktie & tie also create possessive posture as per your personality. At your first time, you may feel awkward by wearing a tie but second chance you will easily accept this amazing more casual outfit. This necktie increase men and women outfit. Men and women wear necktie this seems as a professional look. Even you look better with this costume than any other more costume. Make this combination with the various dress code as each item must be selected with tie matching. Ties are a good way to include some awesome colour or interest to an outfit. While you are attending any party or function thus it is... (more)

It's been awhile....
Revisiting and re-checking. Miss writing down my thoughts in here, I update some links and did some testing too. It's nice to know that some links in this blog of mine were still working and love to share them back on my new site. By the way, you could check me in my blogspot and my G+. It is indeed nice to be back in here, I actually wanted to maintain only 1 blog however I had alot of stuff written in here that would cause me time and trouble transfering. But no worries, it makes me feel like visiting my old house once in awhile. Please do visit me here; https://plus.google.com/u/0/+EzsieCencilla and here http://istar-tariray.blogspot.com/ and let your presence be felt.

beauty your car
Before we purchase car seat cover, we always have a lot of question,
such as ...

Before we purchase car seat cover, we always have a lot of question, such as where can i buy seat covers? where can i buy car seat covers?where to buy car seat covers online? We could purchase car seat cover from Amazon, Walmart, Sears, overstock, Home Dept, Jet, Rakuten, Ebay, Newegg, Groupon, Tanga, Etsy and more. You can also find the list of products from Google product aslo, brand seat cover website. That's answer the FAQ in the internet about seat cover below: where to find seat covers? 1. Online,2. retail store,3. brand seat cover's location. Online I make a list on the top already. find walmart, Pepboy near me, you should be easy to find the location. seat cover's location "seat cover near me" in Google, You will find some manufacture, go to their location that you can check the material, design and more face to face and don't worry about the picture are so much different than the regular one. where can I buy seat covers for my... (more)

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